Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alaska Bound

Tomorrow I leave for Alaska. My mom is going with me this time and I have 2 cousins who will also be there the same time. It should definitely be interesting. It will be my first time fishing up there too. Can you believe all these years, I have never been fishing while I was there. Anyways, stay tuned for some photos.

By the way... it's in the low 70's. I can't wait to get out of this heat!



becky said...

have a super duper fun trip!!! we'll for SURE have to get together when you return!

becky said...

oh & i just caught my first fish & let me tell you... it's SO addicting & FUN!

Laura Blue said...

it's been awhile. i always read your posts on google, but hardly come back to comment and i appologize. hope you are enjoying alaska. i want to see anoher pic of the girls sometime. they are getting so big, i can't believe it. bob says hi. lol best of luck to ya.