Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Almost time...

So in 2 months, I am graduating! I have 5 more weeks of school left {that is not including the extra 5 weeks for a math class I still need}.

This has been a great 2-1/2 years. I have made some major changes in my life.
1: Going back to school. I was terrified and not sure if I could do it. I had no idea how much going back to school would change me.
2: Career change. This was huge because I left a job that I absolutely LOVED. I left great friends and I ventured out into an entire new world. I miss SB Etc a lot but I LOVE where I am now and the guys I work with... are awesome!
3: New friends. I have made some amazing friends that I spend every Wednesday night with. I think sometimes we know a bit too much about each other but it's definitely been a fantastic experience and I will miss our Wednesday night classes together!
4: New experiences. I had an opportunity to volunteer at 3 different agencies here in the valley: American Cancer Society, Juvenile Detention Center, and Terros {with their crisis team}. The experiences were absolutely incredible and definitely gave me knowledge to things I was unaware of. I have also made GREAT friends at the agencies- I heart them and their friendship.
5: I have grown as a person. The experiences I have had, the friends I have made {and lost}, the knowledge I have learned have helped me to grow into a better person.

I want to thank each of you who encouraged and supported me over the last several years. Without you all, I would not have made it to the point I am at today!



Jamie said...

You are amazing! Way to go.

ForeverSarahLee said...

I am super proud of ya Jenn! And hey, another girls night is definitely OK by me... I always love when we have those. Lol!

It's ok, I understand about the class thing tonight hun. It's cool! :0)

beckyjomama said...

Jenn ... I heart you!!!!! I am so stinking proud of you - and I know that Paula is too :)

PS - let us not forget the most important lesson you have learned - and no school could teach this one:

Never ... NEVER EVER ... never sit on the floor in a hospital corridor!

Chad said...


angiedunn said...


K, that went by fast...for me...hahaha!

YOU=SO awesome! I couldn't be MORE proud! Way to be sister!

We should have a celebratory dinner! Invites all around!

Amy said...

I am so HAPPY for you! I can't believe that you are getting close to graduating! I am with you on the whole leaving an awesome job to start out on a new one. It's so hard but we all know that it's what we needed! I am so happy for you and we need to have a graduation celebration! Pick a place and a day and I will for sure be there!

Unknown said...

jenn, way to go! these are all really big changes, but it seems like they have been really good for you! i´m with amy on the PAR-TAY! wait til i get back from uruguay though (: love ya girl, congrats!!!

Rachel said...

So what are you graduating with? I am so very happy for you! Way to go! You are officially a grown up!

beckyjomama said...

Steve and I were driving down the road today and it was snowing and it's cold and I just started thinking that Paula loved cold, she would totally go for this. I just started crying - I have been missing her alot lately too. It's strange how I can go a while missing her normal and then, out of the blue, EVERYTHING makes me think of her and I miss her with so much pain.
This was that day.
I love ya Jenn!
Have a great Easter!

Laura Blue said...

so you must be close to graduating now... congrats. we missed you at SE, but i'm so happy for the person you have become and the changes you have made. i wish you the best in all the things yet to come. miss you chicka.