Saturday, January 12, 2008


So for school, I am in my 3rd field experience {aka... volunteering}. I am going out with a crisis intervention team during, yes, crisis situations. As most of you remember, I volunteered the first time for the American Cancer Society {which I loved}. Then last Feb. I was at the juvenile detention center {loved even more} and continued volunteering there even when my class was finished. Now, I just had my second day {10 hour days on Saturdays} with crisis intervention. This is the best learning experience I think I will have. It has made me realize how lucky I am. Even if things do not work out the way I wish them to. If I am having a horrible day and want to curl up in bed, I have realized how blessed I am that I can communicate my feelings, I can run, scream, laugh, yell, sing... whatever it might be. Now to just decide what it is my path will be for a career... maybe over the next several weeks things will become a bit clearer. Thanks for listening...

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ForeverSarahLee said...

Oh. I know. I'd really like the boys to get some volunteer action in. I especially was wanting to get them to do something around Christmas time. They're at that age where I think it would be really good for them to see that others are worse off. That X-Mas isn't ALL about the presents and get togethers don't ALWAYS mean people have to bring you gifts. Lol!

Hope you are doing good girlie!!