Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year

Ok so it's a few days late. I hope that everyone had a good New Year's Eve and most joyful New Year"s Day- I'm just glad for a new year and happy that 07 is done. Thanks for being there for me over the last year...

08 will bring me to:
finishing my degree
possible changes in a career
possible changes in geography
cuter clothes and achieving goals (thanks to Cliff and the girls at Epiphany)

It is scary putting down your goals for everyone to see. So hopefully this means I will stick with them and make the right choices for myself.


ForeverSarahLee said...

I am wanting to do it march 1st, Saturday. Not sure where yet, and we're wanting to do it early in the afternoon (say 12-1ish) so that we'll have more of the weekend for honeymooning. Yay!

So, I'm impressed with your goals. What's Epiphany?

sandalloons40 said...

Happy New Year Jenn! Where are you working now? What is your degree in? Not to give you the 3rd degree questions here. LOL
Hey did you know that SBE just expanded again? Wow, today I went in for the sampler and it grew again. I told Marti some day she will own that whole plaza, then retire and sit on a raft in Hawaii, drinking lemonade with a little umbrella. I told her so someday, we'll see.
Ok, well I was trying to get my degree for the past 25 years, ha as a PE teacher/coach. Well, it is ahard as I have 2 years to completation someday over the rainbow. I shall be the 80 year old on the news, walking down the aisle at ASU on the news. ha
Ok, well you take care and sure miss you at the store.