Thursday, November 01, 2007

Soma Tri

This is dedicated to the most amazing woman I know:


2 years ago, Dara was training for the SOMA Half Ironman. She was hit by a car while riding her bike (yep, training) and very lucky to be alive. After months of recovery and surgeries, she was able to start working out again. The woman's pain tolerance is unbelievable and I wish I had half the endurance she does. She completed the tri on Oct. 28 (her birthday) with 2 stress fractures in 1 foot, 1 stress fracture in the other foot. Oh and she was also still recovering from having pnuemonia 2 weeks prior to the race. Not to mention the injury to her knee from being hit by that dang truck! She truly is amazing and such an inspiration to me! I'm so very blessed to know this woman and to have such an encouraging friend!

Her cutest boy ever- Ron!
He finished 1 minute sooner than his old college days-
GO Turbo Husker!!

Dara, Madeline (cutest daughter) and Ron after the race-

1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

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angieinpink said...

That, my friend, gives me chills. I remember when she got hurt. So awesome & inspirational!