Saturday, November 03, 2007

Luau- Friday night

We went to a Luau last night and it was so much fun! When we first arrived there were so many cute couples (I came here to get away from that!) Anyways, after a few drinks the excitement picked up. We sat next to locals who were dancers at the show and were off for the night. They had decided to be part of the audience. I sat next to the cutest boy, who I called Honu (Hawaiin for sea turtle). He told me about every dancer and explained that they all look out for one another. Erika had to get on stage and dance. Seriously this was so much fun! Here are a few pictures.

Erika and I.

Honu and I - I couldn't pronounce his real name.

The guy with the maroon and white striped shirt on was hilarious, he was having a hard time keeping up with the dancer so he did his own- the "sprinkler". I think we almost peed our pants we laughed so hard but what a great sport he was.

This little boy just walked up on stage when they were pulling men out of the audience, so they made his dad come up with him (his Dad is next to him in the picture). He followed everything the dancers were doing. He was adorable!
Erika on stage dancing. I am sooo glad I did not have to go, I cannot shake my hips like that!

These people were at the Luau- I couldn't help but get a photo of them. Is it legal to wear plaid and stripes and can you say "PIMP DADDY"??? (I'm going to hell for that...)

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Laura Blue said...

Wow... the plaid and stipes together is hillarious! I love that you took a pic. lol thanks jenn