Monday, August 06, 2007

Shoes and Girls

The girls came home yesterday and I took today and tomorrow off to spend time with them. We spent the morning shopping for Heely's {Pictured here}. They are both so excited; however, scard of breaking their necks so we haven't had the wheels in that much today- in time.
We also went to meet the teacher tonight. It was fun and the girls are excited to start school on Wed morning. It's been a tradition for me to get them ready in the morning and then take them to school on the first day- 4th and 2nd grade this year. They are getting so big.
Tomorrow we plan on more school shopping and then swimming. We have a movie planned for the evening and then early to bed because of the school night.


beckyjomama said...

I am jealous!!! I love that you love them so well, Paula would be so proud!!! Give em hugs for me and tell em I love em! I love you too... btw - Love the couch and I almost bought the same ottoman thingy - Got a long one with two small ones instead.
Love ya Jelly!!!

angieinpink said...

cute! i can just imagine them skating around. i love kids! (: