Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fun Stuff

We started our day off with bagels from Einstein's and then headed for haircuts. Well- Morgan ended up getting highlights and let me say- she looks stinkin ADORABLE! She is seriously beautiful and I will get pictures of her and Faith posted ASAP. We went to American Eagle and bought Morgan's bag- it's the cute tan and hot pink one- you'll see the ABSOLUTELY, STINKIN, ADORABLLY CUTE hat we purchased too. After we purchased the hat, we had to go get a new outfit to match the hat and then shoes to match the outfit- Morgan found out today what it's really like to be a girl!

Faith wanted the same bag as Morgan and of course there is no way that can happen. So- we headed off to Old Navy and found this way too cute, extremely adorable bag that Faith adores {I do too}. Faith is just as beautiful as her sister and well be just as stinkin cute tomorrow too!
Finally, after the girls went to sleep, I went to work on Morgan's school binder. She has to have a 2" ring binder and there are not any cute ones available. So, I went digging through bags and came up with this. She has no idea I decorated her binder {she knows the paper is in there}. This is the end result!


Laura Blue said...

OMG! I need one of those bags. they would make a way cute diaper bag. looks like i need to go to AE. You are so thoughtful and nice to those girls. they sure do love you and you are a great mommy for them. Jenn, seriously... thank you for doing that for them. I know they appreciate it. You are SO awesome!

Amy said...

The girls look so cute!!! Way to make them look so stinkin cute for their first day of school!!! Oh and by the way I have not seen or talked to you in forever. Call me sometime please!!!!

angieinpink said...

um, so cute. that's so thoughtful. and i might want a binder just like that for me. even though i'm a college drop out.

Becky said...

cute bags! and way cute folder!!! want to make me one?!!!