Sunday, December 03, 2006

Nothing special...

Ok, so the latest with my life.
Work is getting much better! I have officially registered 2 students with 3 more that should be registered on Monday! I wasn't sure how I would like this job at first... I hate bugging people. Let me just tell you though, when someone is completely excited to start school and begin a new adventure in their life and you are the person who is making that possible... it's a GREAT feeling! So that is my job... I think I'm going to like it...
School... let me just say this, I passed statistics with a B-. Not the proudest grade I have received but to be completely honest... I was just happy it wasn't a C. The class is done, over, finished and I've moved on. Will I ever actually use that again?? We shall see.
The Girls... they spent time with Grandma Karen this weekend so I have not seen them. I will definitely spend some time with them next weekend because going 2 weeks without seeing them can be a long time for me! (I have been christmas shopping for them... )
As for Erika, she has been doing some traveling and a lot of work. She will be coming home for leave around Dec. 18 and on Jan. 2 there will be a huge send off for her unit (they fly back to Ft. Hood). This will be the last time I see her until she gets a mid-term leave. I think it's finally sinking in that she is going over there and it just totally sucks!
That's my update! The photo is Erika and I back on Labor Day weekend when we were in Corpus... The other photo is from a dolphin tour we took that weekend!


Kristin said...

That's really exciting helping people to start a huge part of their life...and get help paying for school along with it. I'm so happy for definitely need to take time for yourself and celebrate with some friends, let me know when you have time!!

Anonymous said...
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