Thursday, April 10, 2014

National Sibling Day

So apparently today is National Sibling Day.
I just saw a post by the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial that said

"Being brothers or sisters doesn't always mean you share the same last name."

It took me back to that morning in the hospital with my dad... when his best friend from Vietnam walked through that door. My dad had been sedated but was in and out of consciousness. When Pisano came over to the bed, my dad's eyes widened and he tried so hard to sit up. I knew he was happy to see his "brother". But as I sit here tonight I can't help but wonder what was going through his mind at that time. Did he realize that Pisano came to say goodbye? Did my dad know he was going to die? I can only imagine what these two men have been through together, they were in war together, a terrible war. They were in boot camp together, went through Recon together, and stayed together during the war. They had a tremendous amount of respect for one another and I'm certain there is nothing they would not have done for one another or each other's family. I grew up with the utmost respect for Pisano and that moment he walked through the door, I felt protected in this crazy sense but I also felt so much pride that he would travel all that way to say goodbye to my dad. My dad has siblings, they did not come. I know they would have if they'd have had the means to get there. But when Pisano walked through that door, it proved that family is more than blood. It proved the quote above:

"Being brothers or sisters doesn't always mean you share the same last name."

My dad and Pisano were brothers. I'm so thankful that I have witnessed what true, loyal friendship is about... what brotherhood is.

My dad is in the middle and Pisano has the white shirt on. 

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