Monday, February 17, 2014

Skydiving photos


I can't imagine having anyone else for my role model. You will always be my hero, my heart. I know that you are always watching over me and I am living my life the way you'd want me to. Taking chances and doing things that may be scary but that I can always look back on and have an amazing story to tell. It's taken me a long time to take some risks and skydiving is one of the biggest risks I have wanted to take. Now, I'm not going too crazy... I do not foresee swimming with sharks in the future and sorry, but I won't be flying a plane either. I'll leave that one for you! My goal is to do the things I want to do and enjoy every day of this life I have. To be happy because that would make you happy. I miss you dad, more than I ever knew was possible. I wish you could have been here physically today but I know you were with me every second. Today, I got to fly with an angel... you!

Happy Birthday Daddy... I love you with all my heart!
Thank you for keeping me safe! xoxox

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