Monday, September 21, 2009

Faith turns 10

One of my absolute favorite pictures of both Paula and Faith. On September 15, Faith turned 10. It has been a long rode for this kid and she is definitely an amazing girl. I took cookies out to Faith's class. She struggles with reading and writing but does great in math. We talk as much as possible going to college and doing something that she will love and would be great at. Of course, we have some time to figure that one out. My goal this year is to spend some quality time with her and help her with her reading and writing. I know she struggles and it's a huge reasons she does not like school. I cannot imagine struggling with those two things and enjoying going into a classroom. This weekend, we spent time working on a homework project, a time line of her life. She looked through her baby book and we both cried. Paula had started a scrapbook for her and while reading it, I remembered how funny that woman was. When I read to Faith, I could hear Paula actually telling the story. I wish she would have been able to get farther in the book but regardless, it is something Faith can treasure forever! After going through the book, looking at pictures, and talking about other events throughout Faith's life we were able to get started on the project and finished it the next day. We also spent time discussing 'girl' things. I cannot believe she is 10 and it is definitely time to start discussing certain things so I know she'll have the right information. On Saturday morning, we enjoyed some shopping and breakfast. We had a great time and she picked out Webkins for her birthday present. I love that girl more than I can explain. After she left my house, she went to Amazing Jake's with her friend Jessie to celebrate her birthday! She was so excited to go.

Happy 10th Birthday Faith!


beckyjomama said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Faith! I love you!

(Jenn, thank you for loving them the way that you do and for keeping the memories of Paula alive for them. I so wish I could be there, but I know you are loving them well. Paula would be so stinkin proud of you!)

manders said...

you are amazing to those girls! they are sure lucky to have you, jenn.

Jenn said...

Thanks girls! They are both easy to love and adore. I am lucky to have them both in my life too though.