Sunday, June 14, 2009


So it has been awhile since I posted and honestly, there is not much to discuss. It seems like my life is pretty much consumed with work and school. As much as I hate school, I love it too. You can say I have a love/hate relationship with my education. This program has brought me to a place were I have more confidence in myself and has really helped me grow in my professional life. Each day, I seem to have more of a sense of direction of where I want to go. Not that I know exactly but I am getting there.

June brought me to my 37th year too. Life is amazing. Of course there are ups and downs and I look back on situations I have overcome. I was having a conversation today with someone 10 years younger than me. She mentioned she had ended a long relationship and I realized she was just a year older than I was when I got divorced. Sometimes it amazes me to say I am divorced because I am to the point were it feels as if I was never married. That time in my life, I thought my life had ended. Everything I wanted was "taken" from me. Being married, a wife, having a family. Over the next several years, I struggled and it did not get easier for quiet awhile. But I can honestly say how much better off I am now.

July will be 10 years since my divorce.

June is 5 years since Paula passed away.

Had I not gone through my divorce, I would never have met Paula. I've always been thankful for my divorce because it led me to a friendship that most never experience in their life. I wonder what this year will bring me because there seems to be a trend in major events in my life. Maybe the experience is just coming to a point in my life were I start to take control of everything and put it all together...

We'll see...

If you are reading this, more than likely you are someone who has been there over the last 10 years of my life. I am thankful for your friendship, whether we talk every day or hardly at all.

Life is good...


beckyjomama said...

Love you

ForeverSarahLee said...

Jenn. I love you!
Heck, it sure hasn't been 10 years since I've been divorced, but I can already relate a little to how you're feeling. When my marriage ended it was the worst pain I ahve ever felt in my entire life. I too felt like everything had been "ripped" (violently, might I add) from me. And I felt helpless and destined for failure for a while after.

Now... Geez. My marriage was so short. I feel like it never happened. I sometimes forget that he was ever even in my life. And I pray it only gets better, and easier to move on and live my life without them.

I love that you're doing well! Life IS good, isn't it? (Funny, I saw this post after I just posted MY recent blog. LoL) I love your profile song too. He's going to be here Friday, September 18th @ the Fall Festival at the Tempe Beach park. Tickets are $55. Me, Jesssica & Leslie are going for sure, so far. You should come with!

Amy said...

Reading this seriously made me so so happy for you! I have been there for most of those 10 years and I am so happy that things are going good. I think this is the year for a lot of good things to happen to you. I love ya girl and cherish our friendship!

Michelle Aguilar said...

yes I can relate and I never knew you were divorced. I often wonder at times why some aren't married but, never ask alot of personal questions then also. It is neat how many can relate to each other.
I too was divorced 15 years ago and never though I would be... he cheated and now is on his 3rd marriage out of state.
I am married again almost 10 years now come oct. 10th and he is surely the sweetest.
I would say don't look, someone will come, it is meant to be.

Like I see my neighbor now, his wife died of a heart condition, 4 years ago, 3 children and all he wants is someone to love him and the game playing he says and the women whom only want his $(little do they know, he doesn't have any) LOL

hang in there and I have a suggestion, go back to Italy and get that Italian stallion. Amen!!!!