Friday, October 24, 2008


So Jenny tagged me in this little survey... something I do not always do so here it is:
I am: who I amI want: to travel and see new places
I have: been to Italy and loved every minute of it
I dislike: dishonest, non-driven peopleI miss: my best friend in the entire universe, PaulaI fear: losing my parents
I feel: good about who I am
I hear: my television, Tyra talking to a 15 year old girl who wants to get married, NOW-I smell: cleanI crave: gelato in ItalyI cry: too much
I usually: get what I want
I regret: losing close friendships
I search: for time to get everything done in a dayI wonder: what the girls will be when they grow up
I love: home
I care: about peopleI always: try to do my best which can be a problem because sometimes I am too much of a perfectionist
I worry: about my father
I am not: as logical as I would like to be
I remember: driving with my grandpa when I was little, he let me skip church and took me for a drive!
I believe: that people can do anything they set their mind to
I dance: when I am drunkI sing: at the top of my lungs in my jeep, especially when the song has meaning
I don't always: eat what I am supposed to
I argue: when I am passionate about the situation
I write: in APA style for schoolI win: when I see happiness in the girls
I lose: my temper when other’s do not follow through
I wish: I can’t tell you my wish… it will not come true
I listen: to my parents advice {sometimes}
I don't understand: why God takes some people and leaves others
I can usually be found: in front of a computer

I watch: the ocean waves at sunset
I need: to have an INCREDIBLE month at work for a HUGE raise
I forget: to be grateful for what I DO have, instead of worrying about what I do not have
I am happy: that I went to Italy… and did it on my own!


beckyjomama said...

I Love: JENN!!!!!

and I miss Paula too:(

shabbyscrapper said...

thanks for answering. it is always fun to learn more about the people you love. and i do! (love you, that is)