Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3.8 GPA

So I did it.
First, let me explain back in the day {high school/community college} I was an average B, C student. I even got a D at Scottsdale Community College. So when I decided to go back to school in Nov. 05 to get a bachelor's degree I was terrified. I figured as long as I did the B, C thing... I'd still get my degree. {Think about it... do you honestly walk into your Dr's office and ask what his/her GPA was? I think I am going to start! ha}
Well, when I went back to school, I got some A's and then some more. A few B's (2 b's and 1 b-) along the way. Toward the end of my degree I realized that if I continued getting A's by the time I graduated I would have a 3.8 GPA. ME!!! The B, C student from back in the day.
So my LAST class (which I just finished tonight) was math. Do you realize I {thought} I HATE math! How was I going to pass this class with an A? I needed the A to bring my 3.79 up to a 3.8.
Well- I DID IT!!! Tonight I took my final exam. I could lose about 6 pts and still pass with an A. I aced the final- Finished the class with a 98% and finished my degree with a 3.8 GPA.
I am officially finished with school {except when I go back to get my master's}. I am going to take about a 4 month break. Focus on a few thing for "me". I'm going to Alaska in June to see my dad {my mom is coming too} and then Italy in Sept. Yep- flights are booked! So when I get back from Itlay, it will be time to start my masters. Alright peeps- thanks for listening! Happy end of school!


Jamie said...

WooHoo! Way to be a little smarty, that rocks!

beckyjomama said...

YAY YOU!!!!!!

You aced MATH?!?!?! I am so very impressed! Couldn't be prouder.


angiedunn said...

AAAAHHHH!!!! SO excited for you. I got your little announcement & got chills. So proud of you. And I think we should go out to dinner to celebrate when you get back!


shabbyscrapper said...

you rock!! i am sooo proud of you. i would be scared to death to go back to school. i mean, i loved it when i was there and i was an "a" student. but has been way too long!

and what's up with freakin italy? can you believe you are actually, finally going? it is amazing. wish i could go back! wish i could stay there!

anyway...angie asked if i wanted to go to dinner with you guys and i said of course! if you ever make any concrete plans, let me know. and i can bring sarah too.

love ya!

Amy said...

I am so proud of you!!! I can't believe that you are done. That is so awesome. And, now going on to get your masters! WAY TO GO! So when are we going to go out and celebrate?

beckyjomama said...

yesiree, our little Mari Girls is havin' a baby. She's due in Nov. so it's gonna be a looooooonnnngggg summer for her. She already has a little baby bump. So sweet!

Anonymous said...
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