Thursday, October 04, 2007

random memory- but a happy one

"It's not brave if you are not scared."

quote from the movie Bounce

Ok, so I just got done watching the end of the movie Bounce, with Ben Affleck and Gwyneth Paltrow. It brings back memories with Paula. We loved this movie, why???

The shower scene with Ben. We are such dorks that we would pause the scene (it was just a chest shot!). That makes me laugh.

Anyways, the quote above is in the movie and when Paula was in the hospital I wrote the quote on the little board in her room. It is so true, you can't be brave if you are not scared!


Amy said...

Ok such a cute memory! And such a true quote! I am excited to see you tomorrow and have's about time!

beckyjomama said...

ok, smiling, laughing and a little bit of crying all at once!
Love ya!

chris+amber said...

That quote rocks! I haven't seen that movie yet. I should check it out. So, when are you gonna post pictures of your Kauai trip?! Have you gone yet?

Jenn said...

Amber- it's a really cute movie! As for Kauai, have not gone yet. I leave in a couple weeks but I will definitely post photos!