Monday, May 14, 2007


Night out after Martini Ranch

San Antonio- {0'dark 30} and no make-up

Ok- so I spilled a drink in Corpus

Seriously, I think there was a shark in the ocean and it wanted to eat us!

I miss AJ's and Kona Grill. I miss going to Safeway drunk and almost peeing my pants because we laugh so hard! I miss the beach and thinking there is a shark attacking me and Erika making fun of me {ok, maybe not really} but I miss vacations we spent together. I miss talking about everything and anything and understanding where the other is coming from. I miss the fact that she spits and I swallow {water people, water!}. I miss that we always talk about getting drunk but I order Ice Tea and she gets water with lemon.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is that its great to have awesome friends! I am glad that you too are friends again and that everything is good. Hey when are we going to go to dinner we have been talking about this for a long lets do it!

angieinpink said...

oh, good to hear, yo. those are happy pictures. i second what amy says, let's get our butts in gear & finally go out to dinner!! i'm hungry!!

Jenn said...

When are you both available for dinner- I am hungry too! You crack me up girl!

chris & amber said...

BFFs are the best! You crazy girls look like you have too much fun! :o) Hey, I've been meaning to ask you about MAC makeup. I've been thinking about trying their stuff. I noticed you said you love their stuff. What do you recommend?

Jenn said...

I Love MAC- My fav all time is oyster girl lipglass- I have tubes in every purse, at work, i never go anywhere without it! but I do use everything from them (even brushes). I would go down and have a make-over. You have to purchase $40 in product but well worth it. Let me know what you think-