Wednesday, April 25, 2007


1 A.M.

I absolutely LOVE school.... NOT!
I am just now finishing my paper that is due tomorrow night and honestly, I did not put it off 'til tonight. Just the majority of the assignment. If I did not procrastinate I think I would enjoy school. Or if I had an extra 24 hours!

- time to sleep...
Good Night!


Anonymous said...

Hey how much longer do you have till you are done with school? It seems like you should be getting done sometime soon? I do remember those moments of staying up all night to finish a stupid paper! Being done with school is the best!

Jenn said...

Am- I have less than 1 year left. My last night of class is April 9, 2008. Funny thing, I was thinking about that all nighter I pulled that one time. That was CRAZY!!! I drank so much coke to keep me going. You need to get a blog.